Duck Life 4

Duck Life

4 is a challenging strategy-based game. In the game, the player must train, develop the ducks' skills by teaching them to fly or swim to participate in the tournaments.
The player will take on the role of a trainer, who has the duty to guide, decide diet, practice and competition for the flock. Slowly practice the skills of running, jumping, swimming for the flock through rigorous training.
The tournament includes three consecutive races without interruption. In Duck Life 4, the player can not train all the skills for duck at the same time, but must train to pass each skill by winning the race.
If winning the tournament, the player will open a new area. Looking around the area, the player can get whatever you want. There are 6 areas in total: City, Ice River, Volcano, Mountain, Swamp, Meadow.
Avoid obstacles and collect coins in the race. These coins will be used to buy food for ducks.
How to Play Duck Life 4
Press mouse and keyboard to control
Press up arrow key ↑ to jump
Press left arrow key ← to fly
When swimming, Press down arrow key ↓ to dive when swimming, Press left ←, right → arrow keys to move
Press 1, 2, 3, 4 keys to control the duck. Avoid obstacles by pressing corresponding key.
Do not hesitate to help your ducks win by training them to become professional athletes. Wish your duck become a champion!
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