Bunny Bloony 4 - The Paper Boat

Play Bunny Bloony 4 - The Paper Boat

In this game you control a rabbit. Your task is to move the paper boat to the destination as fast as you can. This game has many levels, each level is a challenge for you. When you play at higher levels, your opponent will be stronger.Two bunnies are taking part in the paper boats race. Grab a tube and blow into your model so that overtook competitor. Show that size does matter - here, of course, we mean the lungs. Will you be able to use all your strength to occupy the first place? Or is it buddy proves this better? Don't delay, train as long as your craft reaches the finish line ahead of the competition. If you think it will be easy - it soon will see how much you were wrong. Children climates, especially to appeal to younger players. Good luck!Join now and have fun!


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