Duck Life 4

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This is the fourth game in the Duck Life series. In this edition, the mechanics are slightly changed. You can no longer train all the skills at once. Instead, you must win a tournament to unlock it. There are new things that you can do on the farm. For example, there is a sparring competition to earn money and a race to earn a tournament invitation. You now can have more than 1 duck, which you'll need for the tournament. Make sure you have enough money to buy new ducks and don't forget to increase their skills first.Get a taste to become a professional racer! You can choose an egg, hatch and change the appearance of the duck. Coaches will help you increase your speed, endurance and response. When ready, take your ducks to the races!
Help this little chick to win the championship by training them with special skills and managing their diet. You can also upgrade at the store and win the game!Join now and have fun!


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