Hook A Duck

Play Hook a Duck

Can you Hook That Duck and rule the pond in this brilliant Jack's Game? Inflate the pond and fill with water then add the five ducks. Then have a go at grabbing as many ducks as you can in the time limit. Once the time's over, it's the other player's turn. The person with the most ducks wins the game! For 2 players and ages 3+. What's in the box? Inflatable pond 2 x large ducks 2 x small ducks Fishing rod Timer
A super popular game at Summer fairs & fundraising events. Plenty of fun for little ones, hook the little duckies to win a prize. This super set includes a 91cm diameter inflatable pond - use with or without water, 12 large yellow ducks with rings fitted plus 6 Fishing Rods and instruction leaflet.Join now and have fun!


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