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Trunc N Duck is a physics-based shooting game inspiered by Flaming Zombooka. Your are an Duck Elephant hybrid and your mission is to kill little monsters with your bazooka.
Use various weapons to kill the mean monsters and save the world from the invasion!During the game you must also save your friends to avoid penalties and to proceed to the next level. Use the mouse to aim and shoot the enemies. There are also bonuses that you should collect to help you win every round. When using rocket weapons, use the mouse to aim and change force before shooting. Timed Weapons on the other hand don’t need to be detonated as they have adjustable timers. Cannons have heavy balls that push anything it hits but doesn’t do any damages while the annihilator can move things but not enemies. Finish rounds to unlock new characters. Happy shooting!Much fun!Join now and have fun!


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